Best Case Scenario For Artificial Intelligence.

A.I. best case scenario is not to be used for low level jobs. Instead we should start at the top!

I was at an event last week that also involved artificial intelligence. On stage among others Richard David Precht. After the event, I got an idea:

Why do not we best use artificial intelligence where humans fail? Where sober, fact-based decisions need to be made under high complexity pressure. Without power interests and with a high impact on our lives.

A.I. is not for low-level jobs

Areas where people are increasingly failing with these criteria are easy to spot:

1. Politics, an area in which individual power interests seriously undermine objectivity (example: virtually every government).

2. Institutions that can no longer cope with the complexities of decisions (example: almost every institution).

3. Corporate management, in which power and short-term profit interests corrupt entrepreneurial development (example: Volkswagen / Audi)

Use Case Scenario

How would I imagine that?

  1. The basis of the decisions would be an ethical layer. Fed by value systems such as the Charter of Human Rights. And by constitutional aspects such as „the dignity of man is inviolable“.
  2. In addition long-term necessary basic conditions (environment, social-peace, security, etc.)
  3. Then all the complexities. Important for the decision (facts, trends, interdependencies, statistical weightings, last but not least laws, etc.)
  4. The specific question: Should we now do X or Y? Even open questions like: what would be the best educational system?
  5. The artificial intelligence designs 1-5 possible, meaningful scenarios. And it’s clear: it’s definitely going to be one of those scenarios.
  6. Now it’s becoming democratic (I like that one): a vote pops up on my smartphone. Question x and useful solutions A, B, C. (With some background if you like.) What are you for? Click. Finished.

Such an artificial intelligence as sparring in every really important decision-making level would be a positive dream. The political and entrepreneurial decision-making apparatus could shrink to a minimum. All these jobs from encapsulated parallel universes could disappear. Individual power interests would be eliminated, no more room for demagogues, egomaniacs and sun gods. We could achieve 100% transparency. And finally: the opportunity to do something good (because the base layer is an ethical layer).

I am for artificial intelligence instead of natural stupidity.

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