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Neuspur is a brand consulting and communication boutique. We find, create and amplify purpose.

Our origin is brand strategy,  design, advertising, digital experience, and research. Founded in 2019, with people in business years before. We discovered purpose branding when we discovered our own personal purpose.

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Ralph Edgar Bennewitz (MBA)​


Strategic Mind, Creative At Heart.
Silent Analyzer, Loud Dreamer, Pragmatic Doer​, Cyclist, Story Lover. Drinks Too Many Cappuccinos (He Knows It’s Not Good).

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Ralph Edgar Bennewitz Purpose Branding

We have made startups successful and old industry corporations. We understand financial investors and non-profit organisations.

 Does that work? If you understand humans: it does. If you don’t: you don’t even understand a single industry.

Start with purpose


We believe in the power of inspiration. And we want to inspire people* to move on new, better trails. Paths that make them grow. Roads that arise from their inner core. Sustainable and authentic. *brands=people

To be honest: not every company and not every person has a why. But most have. Even those who think they don’t. Especially if they do something on their own. Or if they work together in a Small-Medium-Sized company that is owned by real people.

As long as people define the direction – there is a why.


The facets of man – all of them – are inseparable. All the tangible and all the intangible exist at once. This insight is the foundation of everything we do.

You expect tools, right? Don’t worry, we have them. But tools are dumb. Thats why any „our tool“ will not work. It has to be your tool. And this is what we are good at.


We grew up in advertising, and research. In design and arts. This is what we still love. The result is everything you need to move on a new path – and inspire others.

The What-Question only occurs, when Why and How are answered. When it occurs beforehand chances are good to come up with something useless. Most consultancies or agencies don’t care, as money is money. We care. Because value is more than money.


We are smart agents. Smart enough to choose people with various competences. To create the best possible team neseccary to meet our understanding of quality.

No, we don’t have alle the best people in all industries. No. But we know some of them. Very well.


We are Berlin-based. With a background of 11 countries and 18 cities

Does place matter? Sometimes it does. If you like Berlin – then there is a chance.


It's about timing. As service company that point is easy to be answered: whenever you are ready. The answer is the same for brands. But much more complex to find out.

Some say that there is no wrong time to do something right. We know: there is. They only thing that is true: there is no right time to do something wrong.

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