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Of course you will find our blog articles below. This is one of our central topics, which we would like to share with you. It’s all about Purpose Branding. A topic that moves us at its core. Unfortunately often insufficiently examined. We want to change that.

Different Types of Purpose Branding

An analysis of how purpose-branding exists in the market.

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Purpose is not a substitute for morality

The time has come to look at Purpose from a broader perspective than just product/customer (or company/employee). Business ethics without human ethics don’t exist. The strikes are getting closer. Ukraine, Uyghurs, climate change, social conflicts and so on. And companies are always the actors. We realise that there is no

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Getting THE „Why-Message“ RIGHT

This is a guide to help you putting WHY into words. Here is a guide to avoid this mistake. As just looking into reasons may not result in finding your „why“.


7 reasons why brand frameworks fail.

Positioning models have served brand managers for decades. The truth is: these models don’t work any longer. But did they ever work? And what has changed?

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Are you empathic?

The role of empathy in leadership. And why we are going to fail without it.

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Ideas and inspiration by Friends

Fast Company - The Future Of Business​

A different approach to insiration compared to PSFK. A bit more fun - in a way.

On The Way To New Work #otwtnw​

This one inspires us almost every week with fresh content. When riding our bikes we listen to these podcasts.

PSFK - Research Insights and Inspiration​

They are present in our business life for several years. Check this out, especially if you work in retail.

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